Pro/E Engine Cooling Engineers needed

We need 2 - 4 pro/e mechancial engineers to work on engine cooling
design in Illinois area. Please feel free to contact me or recommend a
friend/collegue who may be interested. Thank you.
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In much the same manner as retailers advertise their prices when peddling their wares, you would be well advised to advertise your rates when pimping jobs.
I'm not going to call on spec that you might be paying market, rate, in fact, I believe you're too ashamed of your rates to publish them.
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John Wade
Oh, come on, John, you're too skeptical! This is a highly technical, highly specialized thermal design position for Caterpillar at one of their engine plants in either Lafayette Indiana or Peoria Illinois. You know that people who do that kind of work aren't going to go for a job paying less than about $50/hr ($100K/yr). So, you know, it's barely worth mentioning in an ad. And he may be embarrassed the opposite way you were guessing.
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David Janes

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