SGI320 Cobalt Graphics settings for ProE. Please.


I'm trying to get ProE running on an oldish SGI

320 machine with Cobalt graphics. When ProE is started it is very sluggish, not what you expect from a top of the line workstation (1999).

First I installed a fresh of Windows 2000 Pro, no SP. SP3 is said to work on SGI320, but I don't know about SP4. Then I installed the recovery CD2, Digital Media Driver 5.2.2 and Graphics Driver 5.2.4. (and Ethernet driver, but that shouldn't have anything to do with graphics...I think...) I installed it in that order rebooting between each installation, as was recommended on some homepage I found.

I've found some information on the internet, but none has helped. There are a lot of tabs and boxes to check but I can't test all combinations. Is there anyone out there who can give me a guide to which settings to set.

This is only to be able to run some bench- marks, but hey...I'm a curious guy :-)

Thank you in advance.


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