Books on 6 DOF Modeling in Simulink

Hi all,
I need to simulate a 6 DOF missile/rocket using Matlab Simulink. Does
anyone have any recommendations on (a) books to read or (b) other
material that would be of use (e.g. web tutorials)?
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Put the question to rec.models.rockets especially if its that sort of rocket. Literature for that: Mandell, Caporaso, Bengen "Topics in Advanced Model Rocketry" MIT Press 1973 600 pages, reasonably practical. Simplified since it doesn´t assume using a computer.
For "Saturn V"-type there were a lot of books published in the 60ies: Greensite "Analysis and Design of Space Vehicle Flight Control Systems" Vol II Spartan 1970 About 700 pages, but only half of the book on the launch vehicle. Better known: Blakelock "Automatic Control of Aircarft and Missile" Wiley 1991
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read it.
If its a small military missile: Garnell, East "Guided Weapon Control Systems" Pergamon 1977 About 280 pages. Parts of it are in Lee, "Guided Weapons. Including light, unguided, anti-tank weapons" Brasseys Vol XIII 1983 A chapter on simulation and much more in the book: Eichblatt "Test and Evaluation of the Tactical Missile" AIAA Vol 119 1989
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