Laser scanner for robot operation

Dear all,

I have now completed integrating a Neuronics Katana robot (5 DOF version with gripper) mounted on an Activmedia Pioneer 3DX.

We use the sonar to locate ourselves and the accuracies are at the cm levels and our special relocation algorithm allows us lower than 0.5 degree accuracies for headings.

Now, we would like to install a laser scanner system to go on the Katana. Our goal will be nuclear reactor examination procedures with our NDT techniques developped within the ADSIP research centre. This laser scanner has to be light weight and feature low consumption. The required accuracy will around the mm and response times sufficient for capturing a shape and feature 3D reconstruction relatively rapidly.

Do you have any suggestion of which laser scanner have been applied in similar scenarios.



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If this is a short range application, check out the Swiss Ranger.

John Nagle

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John Nagle

Hi John,

if 1 to 2 meters is short range, then this is indeed a short range application.

I have found that there is the Hokuyo URG-04LX.

There is also the IRP in Braunschweig that proposes an affordable way to use a laser scanner for object recognition.

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John Nagle wrote:

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