Photo gallery of the 2003 Seattle Robothon

Solarbotics went to Seattle, and had a great time at the 2003 Robothon.
Feel free to come and have a boo at the pics:
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Still turning the videos into MPGs, so gimme a day or two to get them
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Dave Hrynkiw
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"Vote for this image"?
-- Gordon Author: Constructing Robot Bases (Forthcoming) Robot Builder's Sourcebook, Robot Builder's Bonanza
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Gordon McComb
Eh - it's a feature of the new Gallery software. If some images are more popular than others, you can view by most popular.
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Dave Hrynkiw
Awesome coverage. Hope I can make it to something like that soon.
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Rick Cassidy
Well, I finally got the videos online. Some are in the gallery itself, some are in the video sub-gallery (the mini-sumo matches).
Regards, Dave
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Dave Hrynkiw

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