telemetry via FRS tranceivers

I haven't followed this group in a while and have been getting the
itch to start dabbling in the hobby after being away from it for a
long time.. I am wanting to obtain air data from a radio control
airplane (airspeed, altitude, angle of attack etc.) I thought up a
possible way to transmit the data and was wondering if anyone has ever
tried it or if it is feasible. The thought I had was to obtain a pair
of those walkie talkies with the 2 mile range (since they can be
bought around $20) and hook one up to a micro controller for
transmitting the data and the other to receive the data and send it to
a port on a laptop. Has anyone ever tried anything like this?
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See the picolario on
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Dave Garnett
I suspect the payload may be a little too weighty, but...
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Well documented, and entertaining too :-)
Peter Seed
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Spam Magnet
Technically, it is possible to send low-speed data theough voice radio. However, if you check the FCC regs, the FRS service specifically disallows any kind of digital communication.
So, technical issues aside, it's illegal.
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Data is allowed (as I recall) on MURS. Old MURS radios can be picked up at a minimal cost.
Getting a Technician Grade license (assuming you are in the US) is pretty easy though, you might want to just get your license and then use one of the 70cm or 900mhz ATV transmitters and use the audio channel for FSK data. That way you get real-time fast scan video as a bonus.
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Dean Franks

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