Some problems with Peter Corke's robotic toolbox

I try to use the simulink demos provided with the Peter Corke's
robotic toolbox for Matlab, but i have some problems.
When i run demo1 (collaps under gravity.. i replace puma560 with a
simple rrp robot) matlab displays a message error.
The problem is in slaccel, a sub-block of "robot" block (it is
provided with the simulError in block 'rrp_crollo_gravità/Robot/S-Function' while executing
M-File S-function block 'slaccel', flag = 3 (output), at time 0.
MATLAB error message:
Error using ==> cross
A and B must be same size
Anyone have successfully run it? i'm searching for a help.
Sorry for my english, but i'm an italian student.
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