Tools for drawing robotic manipulators?

Hi there - I was wondering, are there any tools for drawing basic sketches of robotic manipulators? I would like something that could create a sketch in a form something like that shown on this page:

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Ideally, I'd like to find something that could go directly from a DH table to a sketch- that would really be nice.

Anybody know of anything like this?


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FreeCAD by a gentleman named, A-S Koh at

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do some of the things you want. He also has an upgraded version that is only $24.

However, this program is a motion simulator, not really an extensive modeler or illustration program. You might import/export the parts with a program like Alibre, which has a free scaled down version. It really is a VERY extensive 3d parametric modeler. I am not sure what format (if any) will be common between the two programs beyond DXF.

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Joe Dunfee

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