bad news: model rocket starts 2-alarm fire

Take a pill and give it a rest, already. You are getting WAY too excited over a grass fire and a bee sting.
That goes for you too, shockie. Quit yer trollin'
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Maybe they tried to make their own E9-0 from an E9-P?
More than likely an unstable Army rocket or the use of a C6-7 in a model that needed a C6-3.
A call to the local fire inspector should provide facts. Has anyone talked to one of the nice people at Estes who usually does just this to find the facts and quickly aid the investigation? (Assuming this *was* an Estes product and not Quest or Aerotech)
-Fred Shecter NAR 20117
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Were you born this stupid, or did you have to put effort into it?
James> >
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James L. Marino
Unless you try to light one in under 3 seconds, in which case the JBGTs make you take the information off the net and not put it back anywhere else :-(
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Bob Kaplow
Just noticed... You need to change your handle. Looks a LOT like LUNAR. Livermore Unit of the National Association of Rocketry. The largest local rocketry club in the world. NAR section #534. You wouldn't want to be associated with a NAR section, would you? Even one like LUNAR... Because WE don't want to be associated with the likes of you...
Please get back to school, little boy. Learn to spell and punctuate. Then go troll a different group.
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James L. Marino
Actually I don't think you did.
Pure speculation NOT supported by past experience.
That has to be the most ironic statement I have ever heard!!!
Hate to break the obvious news to you, but this was on the JOINT TRA/NAR certified motor list, so for each and every reference to NAR you have made,you could and should replace it with TRA.
... I guess a HPR
So you feel ALL rocketry activity should occur at Black Rock for public safety? I see.
With all due respect, which isn't much, you described TRA far better than NAR. I have criticisms of both, but NAR at least has some semblence of a feedback and control loop.
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Jerry Irvine
tweak: I wasn't trolling..I was just posting what I thought would be a story of interest..
In the context of the Internet, a troll is a person who posts inflammatory messages intended to cause a disruption in discourse.
There was nothing inflammatory in my posts other than 30 acres burning up....
Many - perhaps most - people labelled "trolls" are simply being called a name by someone else in the course of a religious, political or other ordinary type of dispute. In other words they are labelled as a "troll" for acting as a dissident or heretic.
shockie B)
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An official from the NAR safety committee can call the fire inspector as well, no need to call Estes as a middle person.
NAR is in an official capacity to ask for the info and I believe they should call direct and ask.
I will donate to pay for the long distance charges if need be ;-)
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Sad to say, my first thought was that he might somehow be connected with you folks. But I can't see a NAR-hating jerk being part of your club.
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Bob Kaplow
You got to compare every jerk that wanders through this newsgroup with someone you don't like. What a maroon. In case you haven't noticed, this lunarlos jerk is a TRA lackie like you, not an NAR weenie.
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Bob Kaplow

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