Descon 15'er's... are you out there?

With just under 3 months left, we only have 1 entry... and I haven't even posted that one yet.... Has Descon lost its punch?


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If you take a break, people will clamor for it again.

I cite the Aerotech shortage.

The difference is you can "deliver immediately" on the clamoring.

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Jerry Irvine

I think DesCon is a great contest and Nick does a fantastic job administering it.

There are so many other contests now (BRS Hobbies Design Contest on EMRR, FlisKits DOM, FlisKits Deuce-Bash, Art Applewhite's Graphic Design Contest) that all compete with DesCon for designer's time. The pool of new designs may be getting spread thin, and the backlog of older design may have been drained down.

Plus, for me at least, I already spend several hours per day on rocketry but I'm barely making a dent in my kit build pile. And my wife has issued an ultimatum that I can't go to NARCON in March unless I clean up the mountain of junk in my den. It's taken me 13 years to accumulate those piles, and she expects me to get rid of them in just two months.

-- Bob Cox

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Bob Cox

We love EMRR.

I have a similar problem except that my wife jumps in and starts building. ; )


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yo! where's my placeholder?

Yes I have an entry and thanks for reminding me to finish it so I can fly it!

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tater schuld

feel free to ship any of that stuff to me!~

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tater schuld

Bring money to meeting, since I am largely getting out of Low power I will be having a bunch of NIB kits for sale.

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Zak Orion

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