I'm sure most of you folks have more than one model rocket. How do you display them? When I thought of 2 or 3 I thought it might be nice to put them on a nice piece of wood with a 13/16" or so dowel up in the engine compartment.....hmmmm...this works well for 2 or 3.

Monofilament from the ceiling?


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Dowels work, but so do expended engine cases. They give that hint of black powder smell in the morning, too. ;)

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Most of ours are free standing on shelves in the den. ; )


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But then what do you do with all those empty CDR spindals?


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Alan Jones

A display I did for my daughter's rocket, looks pretty neat if I do say so myself:

Apply blob of Great Stuf (polyurethane foam) about 6-8" diameter, 2" thick to desired platform. After it hardens, a second blob, 4" x 4" or so. When that hardens, poke a 1/2" dowel down the middle of the blobs, glue empty engine casing onto the end of the dowel. Add more blobs of foam around the dowel, decreasing in size, allowing each to harden. When you almost reach the engine casing, stop. Allow to cure thoroughly, paint to look like a smoky exhaust. Stick model onto engine casing.

Best regards -- P'rfesser

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