EARS April Launch Photos and Report

Just to say that I've added a launch report with more detail on who flew what when and the like, as well as the best 'sequence' shots stitched together. I apologise to anyone with a dialup connection - I'm uploading the images via dialup - been spoilt by having a high-speed connection at uni!

Report is at:

formatting link
Enjoy, and feel free to send me any corrections/additional info. I think I got most of the notable flights covered, I missed a couple of Gary (Sinclair)'s flights though.

Photos are at:

formatting link
It was a windy day, but that didn't stop people flying rockets, and Malcolm's shop/tent was busy all day.

I flew 'ETV2' again, this time with paint (at last), to 1626ft on a full G's worth of BP. No 2-stage flight, but everything's ready.

As usual there's a lot of tracking shots, they're easy enough to flick through with Gallery though :)

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