ESTES Model rocket kits for sale

Clearing out the kits I will never get to building. All of them are complete,unbuilt and in their original packaging. Discount for purchase of 3 or more. I am in the USA. Write me at: Thanks, JJ


ESTES V-2 #1952 $50 > ESTES SATURN V #2157 30TH ANNIVERSARY $80 > ESTES GEMINI TITAN #1978 $50 > ESTES TITAN II #1918 $45 > ESTES MERCURY ATLAS #2111 $50 > ESTES COMANCHE III #1382 > ESTES MERCURY REDSTONE #1241 K-41 $50 > ESTES SATURN 1-B #1229 $90 > ESTES TITAN 3 E #2019 $50 > ESTES BLUE BIRD ZERO #1335 $50 > ESTES JUPITER C #1976 $25 > ESTES MAGNUM # 2032 $20 > ESTES SDI SATELLITE #2003 $25 > ESTES SILVER COMET #2141 #25 > ESTES ORBITAL TRANSPORT #1259 $20 > ESTES PEGASUS #1376 #25 > ESTES CHEROKEE D #K-47 $40
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I would have thought he would have stopped trying to defraud folks.


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Beware of this crook! He is a thief and a fraud. He stole from me and a bunch of other rocketeers with fraudulent auctions on ROL. He is an elementary school teacher in Traverse City, Michigan. He also sells on Ebay. He changed his Ebay handle to dalmatianplantation01 when he started getting reported for his internet fraud. Beware! Don't have your money stolen like the rest of us.

I already bought the Saturn V, and he's reselling it again and again. He resold the Gemini Titan kit for the second or third or tenth time on Ebay.

Posted by Jim Parker victim of Jonesy fraud

UPnorthguy wrote:

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Jim, I've got a Sat V kit from the re-release a few years ago. If you want it make me an offer and lets deal. I'm OMGB on ebay and I believe in dealing straight and honest.

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Reece Talley

Reece Has never ripped me off and I will tell you that to anyones face I swear to God I will. Unlike a certain other individual on this group.

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OK, Donnie


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J.A. Michel

You are a Liar a Cheat and a Thief. theres a special place for a piece of crap like you.

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I though a group of individuals were going on a road trip to deal with this guy......

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Tater Schuld

Guy must think that we're a bunch of demented retards and have a short memory for scams. Too bad the authorities are too castrated to do anything about him.

Folks posted that they contacted law enforcement and I believe State's attorneys offices and the Post Office due to the fraud and they probably have two speeds. Slow and stop.

Kurt Savegnago

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