Flyaway Launch Lug HPR Magazine Article

Starting a new thread to directly answer the gentlemen's question:

High Power Rocketry Magazine article on the KISS Flyaway Launch Lug.

High Power Rocketry Magazine, December 1996, Vol.11 No.9.


Editorial * Manufacturer's News * Sooner Boomer 13 * Servo Eliminator * Rocket Drilling Jig * >>> KISS Flyaway Launch Lug

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Can you post the text file you searched this from so there is a searchable HPR Magazine index on rmr?


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Jerry Irvine

No, it's not available for now. The web pages were put together by Vol. Best you can do is search within a page by Vol.

There's other content additions to the web site that are being completed first, as they are higher priority.

Chuck Rogers

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thanks seems after I made the post I was informed of the articles content by somebody that has the hpr issue in question and a subsequent improvement, then I did a google and basically found what I was looking for...

shockie B)

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