RCM & E Magazine article

I was wondering if someone who has a collection of these mags would look up
a free plan in one of the editions, the plan was for an electric Eastbourne
Monoplane, I have the plan but mislayed the mag somewhere, I need to know
the date of the magazine, for sure its more than a year ago
cheers Wayne
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You can contact the designer direct for that one.
I don't like giving out either my or anyione else e-mail address in pubklic, but the designer is Peter Rake IIRC, and the best way to contact him is to go to the Ezone -
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- and register, and use the PM facility.
Hmm... I have been through all my backl issues of QEFI and RCM&E and I can't find an Eastbourne monoplane in any of them. The only one is the Blackburn monoplane in RCM&E Nov 2002, from Alex Whittaker.. but Peter Rake definitely has a speed 400 Eastbourne plan available.
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The Natural Philosopher
There's an Eastbourne Monoplane kit that one can buy from Hobby Lobby. I have on that's about 40% completed. A nice kit, though takes a bit of time to build, lots of little balsa pieces, have almost forgot what those are like.
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Adam C. Johnson
You are right on, the plan is designed by Peter Rake, so it would have to be an English mag and I can only get RCM & E , will have to wait and see, thanks for all your help cheers Wayne
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Most plans from English mags have the date and a copyright printed on them - especially if they are "Free" plans.
Is there any evidence of this on your Eastbourne Monoplane?
I must admit that I don't remember this one and I have subscribed to RCM&E for some years.
You could always e-mail the magazine now published by Highbury Leisure - www. modelflying.co.uk
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Malcolm Fisher
Thanks Malcolm The problem solved, it was a plan from AMI mag, have spoken to the designer Cheers Wayne "
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