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I have a trip lined up come July/Aug to go back to Vietnam...I spent 2 tours there with the 1st Inf Div and then the 11th ACR and even through all the garbage,m fires, stink and disgust I could never stop wondering what that place would be like if it was not torn apart by war..Now I have a chance to do just that......My wife knew I had a strong desire to someday go back there for another look, and she got me setup with some folks that go there to do projects in various areas.


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I lost the ulr, but there was a tour of some guys who went over to the area that had been home of the Fighting 4th Inf. Div. in the Central Highlands. Almost nothing was left behind to mark the basecamp site, even Dragon Mt. was overgrown from what it had been like. I've got photos they took of the field where basecamp stood and is now an unused field of wildflowers blooming. The local's had taken any wood,metal, anything left behind. They couldn't go onto what had been a major forward firebase (The Oasis) as it was now a V.Army base. I still have lots of slides I took while I was with the 4th Inf. I even wrote a short story about remembering.

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I was a C-130 Crew Chief, rotating out of CCK Taiwan in 68 and 69; staging from Camron Bay and Toewai. We did 15 to 20 days in country, (you call we haul) and 5 to 8 days at CCK going through a phase doc inspection and then back in country. In 71 a full tour at Camron, recovering and/or destroying downed aircraft "in country". To many body bags, so I never had the urge to return; maybe some day. I pray going back for you is what what you expect it to be.

Regards, Fred

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W. E. Fred Wallace

I wish you well in your quest. I was in other parts of the world "78-79" and cannot go back to most of them. I pray it brings you closure if that is what you seek. Jonestown and Kowelzi and the others will always be in my nightmares. Less often now but still there. Go in peace compadre'.

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