I'm thinking of making a hybrid motor... Where do I get Nitrus Oxide?

I want to make a hybrid motor but don't know where to get the nitrus oxide.
Any suggestions for an inexpensive place to buy?
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Speed shops that have an "NOS" systems sign hanging in the window will be the worst price, but you can get it there...
Industrial gas supply shops will have the best prices if you are willing to buy a lot, lease a tank, etc.
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I would learn how to spell it correctly before you attempt to buy it. I use praxair. Performance auto shops are the best place to pay the highest dollar. Try a gas company like praxair or airgas. But please spell it nitrous oxide.
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Our club buys from Airgas, but we buy the full 64lb cylinders. 64lbs is a little much for the average modeler. I couldn't find any place besides speed shops that would fill anything less than a 64lb cylinder. I called every gas supplier I could find.
Our club averages about a cylinder a year as we have a number of flyers with Hypertek M motors.
Brian Elfert
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Brian Elfert

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