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Well folks if the 1st go round was any kind of indication, we should be be very busy tomorrow ..

We at Tri-City Sky Busters Rocketry Club In the Cleveland,Ohio area have recvd 17 requests for more info on us & local rocketry ALL-17 referenced finding out about us through a direct link to us -or- via a link to us from the NAR. BUT all (direct or not) were via the Discovery Channel Special and

Gerry Freed / NAR SR L2 / ARSA Club Advisor-Promotions, Rocketry Education, Team America Mentor Northern Ohio's TRI-CITY SKY BUSTERS ROCKETRY CLUB/NAR #535 http://

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Gerry Freed
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great: we here in KY have received 2 inquiries.....they at least joined our Yahoo group... BluesRockS #657

shockie B) Prez....

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