Michael's 50% off Friday 6-8AM

If you have a Michael's near you, and they carry any rocket supplies,
there is a 50% off coupon in the newspaper today, but it's only good
tomorrow from 6-8AM. If you want to score a blast-off pack for about
$27.50 (my Michael's lists them at $55), this is when/where to do it.
David Erbas-White
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David Erbas-White
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I was going to , until I realized that really is just the same price as Meijer's sells the engines everyday for at $3.99. their packs have four igniters, and wadding as well.
I still haven't figured out why the big box stores get the better engine packs at cheap, and the hobby stores get the hobby store pack with less ignitors, and no wading, at their cost of more then what they could buy them at the box store for.
Maybe I still will get the blast off pack tomorrow , who knows.
I always love to take a blast, before I take off.
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In the Washington DC area, 6- 8 am at Michaels has the unheard of 60% off!! I was gonna go last year but didn't wake up early enough. -- Richard "Michaels has less & less that I want, though 40 or 50% off DupliColor Mirage color changing spray paint is certainly welcome" Hickok
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