Problems with Estes stickers

Recently I have been using the Estes stickers for finishing my rockets. The problem I have been having is they don't stay down for long. After siting on for about an hour they start peeling up. I have been using glue to keep them down but this does not look as good and is time consuming. Has anyone else been having these problems and have you found a solution to this problem. If so please let me know.

Thanks, Christopher Nycz

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one trick that might work is to wrap the applied sticker with saran wrap, effectively holding the sticker down for a time period.

other tricks I can think of are applying a coat fo clear paint, let it get tacky dry, then applying the stickers

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tater schuld

The biggest that they are *stickers*, as opposed to the far superior water-slide decals. Make sure your rocket has a smooth, glossy finish before applying any stickers. Similar to "silvering" in traditional water-slide decals...a less-than-perfect finish will also cause problems with stickers. Paint your rocket with gloss paints; or buff the finish to a high gloss. You may even want to apply a coat of Future as well. Many people suggest that instead of applying the stickers "dry"; you may want to brush on a thin coat of water (water with a drop or two of dish soap added) onto the area to be "stickered"...and then apply the sticker. The added layer of water will give you extra working time to make sure the sticker is located properly, and pressed down firmly. When all finished, and everything is hard and dry....spray on another coat of Future.

Bookmark this page; as it is everything you ever need to know about Future:

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