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Stephen, I use 110/220V selector switches which you might see on the back of
a PC powersupply or HP test equipment. The first in the list:
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available from a multitude of sources. The second item I would prefer
over twisted wires. As far as keyed switches, have you ever locked your
keys in the car, or misplaced them? Get to the launch site and no key.
There's not a fun thought. We dropped an allen wrench in the dirt and it
quickly became invisible. Some sifting turned it up, but I'm fond of the
'everybody has a screwdriver with them' method of arming anything.
Joel. phx
What do you guys do to arm your electronics. Do you use key switches? If you
> do what type. Do you twist wires? Do you use another type of switch? Please
> elaborate.
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> Stephen Corban
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Joel Corwith
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On the same page;
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the screw switch, very simple, small, light and sturdy. Solder the wires on drill a 5/16" hole in the airframe and epoxy it in. Tighten the screw and the device is on, loosen and it's off.
Kevin Patterson
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The big problem with twisted wire method is a little problem of disarming if you need to.
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Koen O. Loeven
What problem? I open the access door on the altimeter bay and untwist the wires. You do have an access door on your altimeter bay, don't you? ;-)
Koen O. Loeven wrote:
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Alex Mericas
When I use a twisted switch I usually just tape them down to the outside so if I need to disarm I just use a wire cutter.
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Robert DeHate

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