Scott Crossfield killed in crash

An aviation legend has slipped the surly bonds of earth:

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Ya know, when celebs die, I really don't take notice ... but on Scott Crossfield I will and do ... what a career ... what a career ... and well at least he died doing what he loved doing ... it could have been alot worse ... I have had friends and relatives slowly and painfully die on a hospital bed ... at least Scott was in control of his own destiny till the bitter end ... my God what a giant we have seen pass on ...

First man to Mach 2 ... I hope in Heaven they have a Flight Test School for Angels.

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Hmmm, reminds me of another 'local boy'- Lincoln Beachey:

Because we here near San Francisco are remembering the centennial of the Great Quake of '06, lots of historical stuff from the past is being rediscovered.

TBerk go out and do Big Things, even if its in a small way

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Scott and Chuck Yeager were hero's at Edwards AFB. Scott not only went Mach 2 and then Mach 3 in his career, but also continued to profess his passion for spaceflight and experimental fligjht. The Space Shuttle , the Dyna Soar or the Lifting Bodies weould have taken more effort had he not been a part of experimental flight.

Dave Ketchledge

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That is because "celebrities" become famous just for drawing attention to themselves. Kind of like Princess Di... a tragic story, admittedly...but she pretty much was famous only for "being famous". However, people like Crossfield are/were not "celebrities"...since they actually accomplished things of greatness, and made lasting contributions to the world during their careers.

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Greg Heilers

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