SEMROC - Christmas Sale Redux !

SEMROC is offering their 50% off Christmas deal again - with a twist:

(from the SEMROC e-mail):

Our Christmas gift to you!

Our 50% discount that we tried last year was an overwhelming success. We have received several inquiries about whether we will repeat the discount this year. Well, we are, with a small change. The maximum discounted amount is limited to 20% of your total purchases from our online store over the past year. So, if you ordered $100.00 online during this year, your discount on an order over $40.00 would be $20.00. On smaller orders, it would be limited to 50% of the total. When you login to you account, the maximum value will be displayed. The

50% discount is on our entire line, including kits, parts, supplies, and gift certificates! This offer expires December 31, 2006 at midnight. It can only be used once per customer. It is only for our existing online customers as of December 19, 2006. Gift Certificates can be used for one year from date of purchase for online orders from Our minimum order is $10.00 after all discounts.

On behalf of SEMROC customers everywhere, Thank You Carl and staff !

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Sweet Deal! Thanks for the heads-up, looks like it might be time to add a Mars Lander to the collection...(at least one inexpensive enough, that I would not be afraid to fly it!) Oh, BTW... Happy Holidays to all! Bob

Gus wrote:

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yes we all got the email for goodness sake .. happy holidays

bob352 wrote:

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