Taikonaut Finds Wan Hu In Orbit

Outerspace Wire(OSW) - According to sources within the Beijing
Aerospace Command And Control Center, Taikonaut Yang Liwei
frantically radioed back to Chinese Mission Control and confirmed
that he found the body of Ming Dynasty government official, Wan Hu.
Wan Hu, who in 1500 A.D. strapped 47 rockets to a wicker chair and had
himself blasted into orbit, was found frozen, badly decomposed due to
meteoroid impacts and still strapped to his wicker chair when
Taikonaut Liwei looked out the window of his capsule.
The discovery of Wan Hu's corpse in orbit totally rewrites the history
books and confirms that the Chinese were the first civilization to
send a human being into outer space.
Chinese government officials have notified Outerspace Wire of their
plans to send up another space mission to recover Wan Hu's body and
put him on cryogenic display at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing next
to the Shenzhou 5 space capsule.
Copyright 2003 - Outerspace Wire
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Ok, all you pink book lawyers out there:
* Would a scale model of Wan Hu's vehicle be a subject for Sport Scale or F/F? * Imagine the data packet. * Should the flight model include a Wan Hu doll? It seems to me that it should. * I think mission points would be a bad idea.
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Maybe a full scale copy for the next LDRS?
:-) Al
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Al Sterner
Uh oh. Wait 'til Mark Simpson finds this thread!
I can see it now... Mannequin dressed in ancient Chinese garb sitting in a way cool full scale chair/throne... Coupla kites tied to his hands...
42 J350's simultaneously ignited...
Just make sure you stand _way_ back if he goes for Mission Points!
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We could duplicate the experiment prefectly with Chris Taylor or Brucie :)
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Jerry Irvine
Now, now, be kind, Jerry.
Chris Taylor may get under the skin once in awhile, and his world view is perhaps a little odd (in a social context where *everybody* has an odd worldview), but he's mostly harmless.
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Marcus Leech
I offered to launch him safely first. He declined so this seems like a reasonable backup offer :)
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Jerry Irvine
Mostly Harmless - sounds like a Doug Adams book :-) Al
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Al Sterner

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