1/72 F-15 Reporter anyone?

I finally dug out the masters for this thing. I'll have them finished up
soon and it will be available later next month. This is designed for the DML
P-61 kit.
I'll also have the 1/72 A-26 D? Drone controller available next month.
The Firebee drone from this will be available alate next week for $8.00
Mike West/Lone Star Models
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Mike West
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Damnit! I just ordered 3 FE Resins F-15 conversions from Hannant's YESTERDAY!!!! I do need some Firebees tho. For those of y'all who want a 1/72 XP-67, you can thank Al & me for that. No sooner than the Czech one I bought from him arrived that Anigrand annaounced theirs for a month or so from now & I found my missing Rareplanes vac!!
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Now, what about buying some Airmodel Bell 47J Super Ranger? I'll never give up thanking you. :-P
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Luca Beato
Just sit tight. I have a couple in my stash. One day.......... :)
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