1/72 PK+QL

anyone have those left over or from a rub on?
glad to trade or buy. i can fob up the rest for the red me 163, but despite 3"
of decals, i don't have these.
i'm using the lindberg kit and while i'll leave the interior, i am detailing
the out side. it looks to be the right shape and size. it will go with the
1/44, 1/48 and 1/32. the only bad part is blending the tail/rudder in with the
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I found Lindberg's 1/72 Komet rather nice and not toylike. Attention to details will get you a fairly nice model. As to the markings, I had the Heller kit with those and I used them so I'm all out.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Smer? I really don't remember that one. I thought I had every Komet in 1/72, even one from Maquette that really was crap.
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on sale often in the squadron flyer. you can make an ok model of it with a bunch of work. mainly rigging and detail the guts. i added better guns and a scratched tailwheel/rudder. current one will get a vac canopy. the kit one will make an ok form. i also detail the crap out of the otherwise plain motor. lots of good bristol pics to google easily. i also add landing, and running lights. there are bumps for the running lights easy to cut out and stick colored rod in that can be sanded. they were on sale for $7 once, so i bought 4. each one is a bit better and more detailed. then i give them away. revelle had released the matchbox kit, it's very clean and the decal sheet is really good. it even has the walkon footprints for the upper wing. this guy's is really nice.
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