4-digit RAL-colors - where's bronzegreen 6031?

As far as I can tell from their website,
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there are two
different ranges of RAL colors:
- The classic range, consisting of 210 individual colors, identified by
four-digit numbers.
- The design range, a systematic approach identifying colors through a
seven-digit number, with the first three representing hue, the next two
for brightness, and finally two for saturation.
The colors RAL 6031 Bronzegrün, RAL 8027 Lederbraun and RAL 9021
Teerschwarz are all four digits, so I'd assume they were in the classic
Not so, it would seem. I have just received my RAL-K7 fan deck, and not
one of the three colors are in it!
Is there a kind German gentleman out there who can explain what relation
the aforementioned three colors have to RAL, and how a more complete set
of RAL color samples can be obtained?
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Lasse Hillerøe Petersen
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You should realize that RAL has changed since WWII. Some colors dropped and some colors changed.
"Lasse Hillerøe Petersen" wrote:
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Of course. But my question related to the current Bundeswehr camouflage colors, so that's not so important. My use of the word "classic" referred to the RAL usage of the word (as opposed to their "design" range), and was not meant to imply anything "historical". The RAL-K7 fan deck, which I have just purchased, should contain all 210 "classic" (ie four-digit) RAL colors, and also be current. So I just wonder why the current Bundeswehr colors are absent.
It is difficult to check how much the BW-standard 6031/8027/9021 matches the US 34094/30051/37031 without half the colors.
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Lasse Hillerøe Petersen

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