Accurate Miniatures F2G Corsair?

Got an Email from AM today - announcing a new kit of an F2G Corsair in racing livery.

Nothing as to whether this is a rebox of someone else's kit or a new mould from AM??

Does anyone have any more info?

~Rick of Smoky Montana

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Hub Plott III

Cool, looking forward to that! They also included the P-400 (Eduard kit?) in the e-mail, too.

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Don McIntyre

They have details of both kits on their website:

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's one of those F2Gs down at the Fargo Air Museum, 100 miles from where I am. It's the last one in flyable condition.


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Pat Flannery

The one in Seattle, that was acquired from the Champlin collection several years ago, may be airworthy. Most of Champlin's stuff was. Still, it's a pretty rare bird.

I wish that Seattle's Museum of Flight had a Hellcat instead; it would make more sense. We've already got an F4U that was fished out of Lake Washingtion. It's not only more significant; it's got northwest ties. Apparently there are a LOT of navy aircraft on the bottom of Lake Washington.

--- Stephen

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Stephen Tontoni

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