Accurate Miniatures/Italeri Avenger 1/48.

On the strength of reviews of the Accurate Miniatures Avenger and having
built the Accurate Miniatures IL-2, I managed to get hold of an Italeri
Avenger, (two actually). My memory of the IL-2 kit was that the fun and
interest of building it was in no small measure due to the excellence of the
instructions and the reviews of the AM Avenger said the same.
What a disappointment. I found the Italeri instructions very poor
generally, and dangerously vague in many places, leading to many cases of,
"where on earth does this bit go?"
construction became a drudge (it's not finished yet!) and I wondered if I
was alone in this.
Anyone have any similar observations on this subject?
Pat Macguire
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Exact same experience here, having found out the Italeri Avenger is a reboxed AM one, I jumped at it because it was so cheap, nothing wrong with the kit parts, but the instructions done by Italeri look hopeless !! I'm guessing Accurate Miniatures were better? I've seen kit instructions for download on the net before, perhaps some one knows where we can find AM instructions for the Italeri Avenger ?
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I know I have the original AM TBF-1C, and maybe the -3. You're welcome to copies of either, or both if I find both. Anyone know what version the Italeri kit might be?
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Hope this isn't cheeky, but as the OP, I would appreciate a copy of the instructions too.
The Italeri kit has:
Ver A TBF-1, USS Natoma Bay
Ver B TBM-1, USS Mission Bay
Ver C TBM-1, USS Block Island
Ver E Tarpon Mk 1, RN
Ver F TBM-1, USS San Jacinto
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Syke has replied with the version's of the Italeri kit, if you can do us both a scan of the IM instructions that would be great.
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"Disco58" wrote in news:
I have the -3, in the 'Sinking of IJN Yahagi' version. Let me know if you need a copy. And yes, the instructions are indeed another of the high points of AM's kits! I'll be away until Mon pm, so don't rush me, OK?
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