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It would seem from the disappearance of the very short lived accurate "update" site, that the current holders of the AM company were truthful, and the former holders were not.

I have a few questions.

Are these new Helldivers versions of the old monogram kits.

Will there be any further types of Avenger released. I liked the ASW version and wish I could build another.

What about more Yellow wing planes, like the ones shown in the movies Helldivers and Dive Bomber.

Sincerely Joe

BTW what is the old gang up to.

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The AM HellDiver is the Very Nice Pro Modeler kit, not the old Monogram HellDiver. As for your other questions, you can email AM directly. The addresses are on the AM site. They're good guys. Dave Pepper

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Dave Pepper

The promodeller is what I meant by the old monogram. I don't believe anyone would seriously try to release the old old kit today. :D

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in article, Bruce Burden at wrote on 10/12/05 10:18 PM:

The thing is, the ProModeler Helldiver is a really fine kit. Having built both it and the AM Dauntless, I'd say it's at least comparable in quality, accuracy and engineering. Even if it isn't a brand new tooling, it's good that somebody has made it available again. Pip Moss

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Pip Moss

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