Italeri Me262 1/48

Hi, I might have the opportunity to get one or two 262's by Italeri at a low price. Is that kit any good? (apart from the not positionable-leading edge slats) Or should I go for Tamiya or Revell? INgo

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These are from the DML molds. They are not bad kits, but they are a little tricky to assemble. Like most DML kits there will be dry fitting and filling and sanding. They look good when finished right, but they will not be a shake and bake. Mike

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If you buy the Revell kit, you're getting the same kit. As indicated, the DML/Revell/Italeri kits take some work to build, but the build up in to nice looking kits when you're finished. In addition, they've got variant's available that Tamiya doesn't (and probably won't) have.

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Don McIntyre

The Italeris is the old Trimster/DML kit, not sure what the Revell kit is and the Tamiya can be built with no filler.

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Ron Smith

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