Italeri Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider question

Hi guys,
I was wondering if the Italeri 1/24 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider is a
new mold or a repop of the Revell kit (07316). Does anyone know?
Any info gratefully received,
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I don't know (as I don't know the original). I just bought it and some of the numbers engraved on the runnners (like the recycling logo) are new.
The model is curbside and fairly simple. What I found strange is the fact that all the openings (trunk, hood and doors) are molded separately but have no hinges! And what good is an open hood when the kit has no engine!
HTH, Peteski
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Peter W.
Hi Peteski, Thanks for your reply.
I've just noticed (D'oh!) that my Revell kit has all the sprues stamped with Protar. It has an engine, and an optional hardtop on the same sprue.
Interestingly, the opening trunk, hood and doors have no hinges. This makes me think it might be the same kit, with parts missed out.
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Italeri and Revell-Germany often share(d) parts/models.
AFAIK Italeri had taken over Protar's activities before the passing of founder Tarquinio Provini.
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