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I use a lot of acrylic paints building my plastic models and was wondering if there was a color mixing chart available on the web so I can mix my own custom colors? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Jason M.
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Greg Heilers

FWIW On line color charts are very risky, everybody's computer screen may see it a bit differently. Go to an artist's supply store and look for one, Michael's is a good suggestion.

Bill Shuey


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William H. Shuey

Go to your local art supply store and get a Color Wheel. This is a little cardboard doodad that will tell you what colors to mix to get another color. Since I was a kid, I've always had a problem remembering what colors to mix to get a third color. Then at a local IPMS meeting, someone did a presentation on custom color mixing and showed us how to use the color wheel. I tried mixing some paints based on what was said at the presentation and using the color wheel and it really works. I've lost most of my phobia of mixing custom colors thanks to the color wheel.


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I do some airbrushing and have had great success with experiments... some bombs too. GEt a color wheel and it will help.

An example of a winner is black and yellow make a great OD Green... and you can change it by adding a little gray or more or less yellow. I also have mixed up some nice light/faded OD's this way. Most off the shelf colors are too generic for many applications and only a few paint makers make "faded" versions...

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How did you adgust for fade? Was this just with the addition of yellow of a little gray, or what?

Thanks for the nugget. That little bit alone is amazing!!!


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