AFV Club M1A1&A2 track links

Just wonder if anyone tried that before? Whatz the reputation for it? Just saw it in a local hobby shop and wanna give it a try

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Pretty good and a reasonably priced. AFV Club does some nice kits and tracks. Rob Gronovius Modern US armor at

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Rob Gronovius

I used them on my M1A1 some years ago.

The only negative I found was that if you lay on the wash too heavy the pins that go in the end links will become weak and will break off. I also found that after assembling my tracks that it was too loose so I removed a link then it was too tight so I made a set of endlinks that were 1.7 pecent longer by cutting a third off two links and cementing them together and that was just right. I just hid the extra lenghth on the upper run that was hidden withing the skirts and over one of the return rollers.

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Scott A. Bregi AKA The Model Hobbit

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