(AIR) Brewster Buffalo In Silver And Red-Surround!?

In my never ending search for interesting aviation-related stuff, I came
upon a Russian website that collects various avaition and military history
books. There, I found the following:
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Does anybody have a better quality version of this photo? It appears the
plane is in overall aluminum paint with American 1943-pattern red-surround
national markings.
I used Bablefish to translate the captions as best I could. It claims that
the Buffalo was originally meant to be Lend-Leased to the Aussies but was
taken over by the Yanks--Army or Navy, it doesn't say. It also doesn't say
where the picture was taken, overseas or Stateside. It also claims to have
been stripped down for some non-combat role. I can't see the serial number
on the tail well enough to read it.
Any assistance would be helpful. I'm thinking of building it in 1/72nd.
Stephen "FPilot" Bierce/IPMS #35922
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Stephen Bierce
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I don't have my copy of the "in action" book handy but it looks like a stateside tra> Hey.
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Well I found this at:
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(mind that wraparound!) that shows a color plate of a Navy Buffalo in silver with yellow wings and tail.
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The Old Man

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