Aurora Planet of the Apes

Today I stopped at my local Toys R Us to get something unrelated to
modeling. On a whim I decided to go see what they offer for modeling,
expecting to find very little. I was right, there wasn't much at all,
just a handful of kits. But what shocked me was there were 4 or 5 of
the Aurora Planet of the Apes kits that I remember from my childhood
in the 1970s! I'm assuming that these are re-pops of the old kits.
They had Zira, Dr. Zaius, etc, in what looked like the original boxes
(I remember the box art from way back when). On a related note, I
remember going to Toys R Us years ago and having entire aisle full of
models and paints/brushes/glues/etc. Those days are long gone
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Pauli G
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kits that I remember from my childhood in the 1970s! I'm assuming that these are re-pops of the old kits>>
Old Aurora, now Polar Lights. There's a hobbyshop here that carries them too.
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Disco -- FlyNavy
The original Planet of the Apes kits were made by Addar, a spin off of former Aurora employees.
Polar Lights now repops these in reproduction Aurora boxes, even though the original kits were not Aurora.
They have 4 different repopped kits, Dr. Zaius, Cornelius, Dr. Zira and General Ursus. TRU also does a giant box with all four kits inside and a backdrop of the destroyed Statue of Liberty on the box bottom.
The original Addar series had three other kits that were not re-done, General Aldo, Caesar and a horse mounted gorilla soldier (always wanted one).
Rob Gronovius Modern US armor at
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Rob Gronovius
I remember having one but not sure which. It was a soldier holding a rifle, I think.
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T. Forward
I got that Matchbox 1/32 Spitfire Mk22/24 for $4 at one while I was in college. Also the Dauntless.
You're right. Gone, but not forgotten.
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