Australian decals

Has anyone got any australian decals, airforce or navy, they wouldn't
mind parting with. have you done a model that had aussie decals as an
option but you didnt use them? I am trying to put together as many
planes that the aussies used as i can and so many models of plane that
were used don't come with aussie decals.
i would appreciate any help i can get on this
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and your scale would be?
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Julian 'Penny for the guy' Hales
I don't have any usable spares lying around, but there is a company called Aussie Decals that specialises in Australian markings. You might find what you're looking for from them. Google will show many stores carrying the brand.
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Rob van Riel
Red Roo Models is who you're after. Do a search on and you should find him quick enough. Gary Byk is the guy you want.
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The Raven
As stated on previous posts, Aussie Decals and Red Roo Models are the go. As far as I know, Aussie Decals don't have their own website or store but their products can be purchased through many outlets (Sandle Hobbies, Dave's Hobby Centre & Snowy Mountains Models spring to mind - all in Australia).
Until very recently there was also a very good range of RAAF, RAN and Aussie Army decals by Hawkeye Models (part of the Model Alliance group) but production has unfortunately been terminated. I've heard from one of his suppliers that the decal manufacturer became so pissed off with "rivet counters" arguing about minute details on his decal range that he gave it up in frustration. An excellent range of decals is now gone - thanks, dickhead rivet counters! You may be able to find the odd sheet of these still in some stores, however.
Cheers, James.
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Hawkeye Models will be relaunched on the 28th.
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Al Superczynski
Here's a little poem that I found in "Model Railroader" that might give you a chuckle. It's by Walt Bartlett.
The Picker of Nits can give a rail fits "You've built it all wrong," he'll sigh. "Why, the valve on the side is three microns too wide, and the dome is four-hundredths too high!"
He'll then beg your pardon, if he came down too hard on the features of models he's rated; but his judgments are fair, exact, plumb, and square, since he's had his eyeballs calibrated.
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amen brother! that's why we do a full search of all entrants (and their bags, boxes etc) before we let 'em into the hall for our show. We're in it for fun, and micrometers, FS colour charts and copious references are NOT fun.
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Rob Grinberg
Just heard that Aussie Decals is folding up at the end of June, so you may want to get in now whilst stocks are available. I'm not sure of the reason, but I have heard that the proprietor has been ill for some time.
Cheers, James.
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