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I'd like some reference works, either books or websites about the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Australian Navy and their aircraft. In particular I'm after colour schemes from about 1950 onwards and a list of different types operated with dates.

Thanks, Nick

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Nick Pedley
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Nick, you might try these:

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Hopefully they'll help a bit.

Don McIntyre Clarksville, TN

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Don McIntyre

G'day Nick. A good book on this (probably out of print) is "Wings Across the Sea" by Ross Gillett, published by Aerospace Publications (Australia) in

1988, ISBN 0 9587978 0 3. Covers all RAN aviation from the beginning until late 1980s, including service dates, serial numbers and disposals. They also have books on selected individual types operated by the RAAF and RAN. Their website is
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- I can't see the book there but you may be able to find it somewhere. Good hunting! Andrew
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