back from Germany

Got back late last night
Visited a model shop in Berlin, bought a few things....
Spent 5 days drinking in Berlin 20 hours a day until my BD last Sat, the
funeral wasnt good.....
I then went down to Riesa and spend 4 great days down there.
The model i took got there almost soon as i left my house, and i
got to the train station in my city i noticed part of the tail fin missing,
snapped off, but then by luck i noticed it caught on the tape, i had taken a
emergancy repair kit so no problems.
My ex's father loved it, all the family did.
In the next month or so im gonna do one for me, either a MF or UM 2 seater.
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I forgot to mention, the second i landed back home, i got a call from the personal assistant of the Italian artist Paula Piva who i sold a RAF SAR yellow Wessex too yonks ago, anyway it came from from touring the US and Europe damaged, so she wanted it repaired, she also asked me to commision another type of Wessex, one i have seen so later i will post a pic on the binary site.
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thanks, im gonna now pop on a image of the Wessex i built a few years ago and toured the world with the artist, and a image if a real thing were discussing about building on the binary site
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