Boat - AHOY! I've ended 2010 and passed into 2011 working on my
never-ending u-boat build/saga. Had found a couple pictures of U-255
(the boat/scheme I'm working on) which didn't match the paint scheme on
the Ulad decal sheet for U-255. So I was bummin'...
...but today, in doing some construction and research, I spotted her -
all dressed up like Ulad sheet of all places - my "In Action"
series book, top of page 22. So I'm happier now!
What I can't seem to find is a decent photo of the exterior stern of a
Type VIIC...particularly the torpedo tube door. Guess I'll wing it...
Boat's made progress - deck is on, and I'm working the surface and
mating edges. Lots of fiddly puttying around the deck gun placement.
Also doing some work on the conning tower. Lots of etch-prep all over
the kit at this point, and brass bending/soldering to make railings and
such which I have yet to get to...pausing for pics along the way.
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go rufus! can't wait for some pic updates. hny, too.
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