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Hi Troops:
If you are into modeling W.W.II aircraft in the European Theater
this will be of interest.
Classic Publications have released the first 2 of a 3 book set titled:
"2nd Tactical Air Force" by Christopher Shore and Chris Thomas. So far
we have: Vol.1, Spartan to Normandy, ISBN 1-903223-40-7
Vol.2, Breakout to Bodenplatte, ISBN 1-903223-41-5
2nd Tactical Air Force was the British equivalent to the U.S.' 9th Air
Force, it was the expeditionary force that would move to the continent
after the Normandy Invasion to give direct support to the British
U.S. cover price is $55, but boy what a wealth of goodies. There are
about 190 pages in each volume with loads of photographs and many color
profiles. It gives a very good day by day account of operations,
victories and losses, and short biographies of many of the personalities
involved and their personal aircraft. I didn't realize just how big a
part the Mustang in all it's variations played in this part of the war
but it was very involved and casualties were high. Casualties were also
high in the Typhoon squadrons, considering the altitudes where they
worked, I guess that was to be expected.
If you are into late war Spitfires, Mustangs, Typhoon, Mitchells,
Mosquitos, Bostons and even a few Hurricanes, this book is for you. I
always thought of the Hurricane IID/IV as being used in the Desert but
they served in Europe too using those 40 mm cannon and rockets against
German shipping and the V-1 sites until high losses made replacement
with Typhoons un-avoidable.
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
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Thanks for the heads-up.
Another recent book of interest on a similar subject is "Angels Eight - Normandy Air War Diary" by David Clark. Part One (the first half) discusses the Normandy campaign, the lead up and overall operations, land and air. Due credit is given to the US 8th and 9th Air Force Roles. Good analysis of Luftwaffe deployments and operations. Part Two is a day-by-day diary of the operations of 127 Wing (RCAF) (Spitfires) during D-Day and in Normandy. Overall, very interesting insights. A lot of statistical data on missions, losses, victories, aircraft types and deployments. This book certainly serves to emphasize that the air war in 1944 over Normandy was quite intense, not as easy as portrayed in the film "The Longest Day". Although the focus in the last half is on 127 Wing (RCAF) (Spitfires), there is a lot of good discussion and insight on Typhoon operations and on the organization and establishment of the airfields in Normandy. There are some B&W photos, most not seen before but mostly of people. It is a book intended for the serious historian, not especially for modellers. However, I think that a lot of us combine the two areas of interest. I learned a lot from this one. ISBN: 1-4107-2236-8 (e-book) 1-4107-2241-4 (paperback) 1-4107-2242-2 (hard)
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