Concorde coming to Museum of Flight (Seattle)

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Jack G
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Then sell it to Richard Branson!
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Martin Imber
Yes, its a shame British Airways and the British Government refused to sell the Concordes
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to Virgin Atlantic who would have kept them flying.BA bought them for one Pound each and Virgin offered offered BA one million Pounds (if I recall correctly) each.
Mr. Branson said in a recent Charlie Rose interview, he thinks BA was afraid Virgin could fly it profitably. At the very least, I'm sure the British people would have liked to get something back on their enormous investment in the Concorde.
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Ken Hartlen
Apparently the major issue was spare parts. BAe and Rolls Royce didn't want to have to continue supplying spares for such a small fleet.
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Bobby Galvez
Or Kermit Weeks ?
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Richard Brooks
Yeah that makes sense. I suppose I too would design an inexpensive kevlar fuel armouring system, and fit a luxuriously designed real blue leather fully upholstered (but still inexpensive) new interior, and get a new (guess what? - surprisingly inexpensive) wheel/tyre system designed and fitted for the well planned final weeks of service, if I was running an airline. Get real, though apparently accountants can prove anything, at the moment. Chek
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I called the museum this week and talked to Dennis Parks, the curator. He said they are pushing to get the arrival pushed up to 2:00pm PST because if circumstances cause it to be late, they do not want it to arrive after dark. That would be a public relations disaster.
I am taking Wednesday afternoon off and will be down there with my camera!
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Stephen Tontoni

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