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Hey Everyone -

Has anyone heard of the movie One Six Right? My classmates keep talking about how great it is and how it pertains to general aviation and is really cool...has anyone seen it?

Does anyone know about it?


Jen Student Pilot

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Haven't seen it, but it's here:

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I wonder why it's not in netflix... thanks for the heads up Jen.

-- Stephen

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Stephen Tontoni

Looks like a great film! I hadn't even heard of this one; another reason I regret missing Oshkosh this year.

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This was an independent production that was produced only for DVD; they did do a little movie tour where they showed it on big-screen in several cities.

The disc has some really interesting shots from the production including the stabilized camera turret they used on a helicopter. That was one thing that really set this apart - views of airborne planes that just haven't been done before: a Pitts Special doing aerobatics co-altitude with the camera platform; a tail view of a DC-3 landing on Runway 16R, rudder flapping; a Super Cub floating along above the ground, seen almost from directly above. Extremely high prodcution values.

As a general aviati> Looks like a great film! I hadn't even heard of this one; another reason

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Andrew DeBoer

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