curing time for fiberglass patch on model hull

I cut a 6 1/4 inch center section to get the hull length right for a
1/96th USS Texas (1895). Fortunately the center section was straight and
now I have forward and stern sections meeting up in something closer t
the real hull profile and plan...not great, but useable for an amatuer
job. The 1/96th plan cutout I made fits tolerably well, astern it does
not curve in as much as it should but I don't know how to fix that.
Here is the issue. I just internally fiberglassed the fiberglass hull
sections back together using a car patch kit, multiple layers of
fiberglass patch and plenty of resin. Over about a couple of hours it
has dried hard. How long before I can safely handle the hull for
further work, that his how long will it take for the resin to cure to
maximum strength? I would hate to be working on the ship and the front
section of the hull fall off.
Bondoing the outside crack of the joint work is next on the agenda.
This won't add structural strength I don't think. However the hull is a
vast improvement over what I had, scale speaking. Of course would rather
use this hull than build one of my own.
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Question answered by time. Looks like the repair is solid. Working with this stuff is more art than science. Beginners luck I guess.
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