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Yeah, I rather liked his series on History Channel, "Wild West Tech".
There seem to be some changes of minds about what happened to him.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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...I heard the next one is supposed to be about a conflict between the two little girls (Thurman's and Fox's) - and that Tarantino is going to wait the actual number of years it would take for the two girls to grow up before he makes/releases the movie.
If you remember the opening of Kill Bill 1, Fox's little daughter happens to witness Thurman kill her mother...her growing up and seeking revenge is supposedly the premise for the next movie.
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i should know more about her than i do. i subbed in on some blues shows but really didn't know enough to do more than tap playlist and the major stars. it was 25 years ago but that's not a real excuse. i even subbed a lot of new age shows. had to wash my hands and play much punk to revive!
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Yup...but I seem to recall either Q himself or Thurman sketching the outline in an interview.
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