David Clark

There was a programme on TV this evening about David Clark who was a
benefactor to the Great Central Railway. It showed an elaborate model
railway but I didn't catch were it was exactly or whether it was open to the
public. Can anybody enlighten me?
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Kevin Rayner
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It was featured in Model Rail a while back... I've got the issue somewhere, when I find it I'll tell you the date. IIRC the trains were battery powered and radio controlled.
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April 2000, issue 18 - the results of the Deltic masterclass taking the main front cover picture. The layout feature takes up 9 pages.
'Hallgates', a 00 gauge 1930s based Great Western layout. The trains are driven by radio control, the battery packs and control units being in the coaches/wagons/vans immediately behind the engine and operators walking round the layout following the train using what looks like standard radio control gear. As I read it, there are track circuits as part of the elaborate signalling system so presume this is another reason for the trains to be battery powered.
There's a signalbox at one end of the layout with a large number of interlocked levers (I caught a bit of the same programme and someone was being interviewed in there).
From how the article reads, it isn't open to the general public and is owned/operated by a group of friends.
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