DEMU - Burton On Trent

We visited there today. Good time and excellent atmosphere - Stewards and traders very friendly towards his nibs. Excellent set of traders, couple of shops but good variety of kits and bits stands.

Know its diesel/electric but wanted to purchase some bits and thought at least could enjoy the modelling. Mixed bag that was, some good some not so good. Seen one or two places now where theres a shunting plank with minimul scenery - sometimes wonder if theyve been knocked together on a rainy afternoon !

Met my hero - Simon Kohler - and had a quick chat. Always dangerous to actually meet a hero, but he passed the test with flying colours.

Cheers, Simon

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I know what you mean. I met the late Jim Whittaker at the Rochdale show twenty-odd years ago when we were both admiring a model of a siphon. N-gauge not one of his magnificent O-scale pair.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover he was the father of a fellow computer engineer I worked alongside regularly (from a competitor but we covered the same sites).

I hadn't made the connection when Alex had earlier said his father was railway modeller.

He was one of the greats. A wonderful carriage modeller from the era of Jim Russell and others. And a thoroughly modest man. I was surprised that he didn't have a layout but what was almost a toy museum.

I had known him only by his work: his models in Russell's Great Western Carriages volume one and the magazines.

Isn't it great when that happens, and they turn out to thoroughly nice people who are almost embarrassed to be on a pedestal. But I've found so many modellers like that.

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Christopher A. Lee

I always think it's important to give feedback, good or bad, to the exhibition organisers and exhibitors. Some exhibitors appear to be anything but child friendly and I feel very strongly we must increase the interest of youngsters in the hobby / pastime. Even if, for example, the Thomas range are not 'true to type' the bulk sales of these models / toys do help pay for more detailed models for some of us grown up kids !

Sorry I missed the exhibition at Burton. Why do all these exhibitions happen at the same time ?

We have yet to attend one with a major manufacturer in attendance. Our son would like to meet the team from Bachmann.


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Dragon Heart

we had the choice problem except this was the only model railway one so all the other 'festivals etc' didnt get mentioned to his nibs. Was suprised to see Hornby - have since heard there were some new models on display but they werent steam so didnt realise. Not sure if bachmann were there, didnt notice, butu thats probably better cos would be tempted to tease them with questions they might not wish to answer. Dapol had a stand, but no one was in evidence when we went by.

Cheers, Simon

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