Douglas 7B and DB-7

Does anyone know of a source for after-market parts to convert the AMT/ Italieri A-20B-C back to the early DB-7s orthe Douglas 7B? Specifically, that would require the smaller nacelles, cowls, R-1830 engines and the smaller vertical tail. A 7B conversion kit would need to include the 7B fusilage, which was radically different from the DB-7 / A-20 fusilage as well. Also, I think the 7B's horizontal tail was smaller and had a slightly different shape. The 7B's claim to fame, aside from being the ancestor of the A-20 and A-26, was the uproar that occurred among isolationists in 1939 when it crashed and a French officer was found to be aboard.

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My last model was a conversion of the AMT A20b to DB-7. I did it without any aftermarket parts. There is a conversion set from JMGT, and they have a write up (talk about coincidence!) in the current issue of Wingmasters magazine.

When I built my DB-7, I modified the fuselage at the tail, but the JMGT set doesn't address that. I replaced the nose glazing, modified the engine nacelles and cowls, drastically modified the tail. Other stuff I can't think of right now...

To do a prototype Douglas type 7 would be a huge undertaking. The wings are in a different location and the fuselage is considerably different. I don't believe there are any aftermarket sets that could address that.

-- Stephen

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Stephen Tontoni

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