Italeri C-130

Can anyone tell me what model (variant) of the C-130 is depicted by the

1/48 Italeri kit. It's NOT the gunship and it's NOT the J model. From what I can see in a photo, the color scheme depicted on the top shows white over natural metal. Thanks.
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It appears to have parts for the A and H versions

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I've a realease of the Italeri C-130 that builds into a C-130E with US Navy markings, white over NMF. There are a couple other variants in different liveries on the instruction sheet as well. From what you've posted, I can't tell what kit release you have. My kit is number 817. I've also got several others, mostly building into

-E's. I got #817 as I want to build a USMC tanker version...

Frank Kranick

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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.

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