Dr Who's K9

After visiting the UK Nationals at Telford last weekend, I have been
moved to make a small scale model of Dr Who's former companion.
However, and there is always a however, I have been unable to find a
set of drawings on the web. It is posible that my ability to use
search engines is not as good as it could be, so I have decided to ask
here to see if anyone could help.
Thanks in advance
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I beleive that the Doctor Who Technical Manual has some 3 elevation drawings of K9.
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Also see here for an example
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Nigel Heather the-heathers.co.uk>
True, it's even scaled, so I can tell you he should be about 76cm long at the base. I haven't had any more luck than the original poster at finding drawings, but
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to a paper model of K-9. (I won't go into crochet, or gingerbread!)
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Jack Bohn

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